Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

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The hourly packages of Personal Assistant allow you to hire services tailored to your needs, ensuring the personalized attention of a single Personal Assistant, as the only interlocutor who will ensure proper traceability in the tasks to be performed.
The working hours of your secretary are from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00



Product Description

Expand your possibilities. Work in international environments. Benefit from high doses of confidentiality, comfort, adaptability, quality, and commitment.

The Personal Assistant services are provided in Barcelona, ​​although they are operated in international environments. These are time-saving services that defend your interests. It is about tailored services and is intended for people with very busy schedules and who must fulfill all tasks every day.

The Personal Assistant organizes meetings, answers phone calls, controls the agenda and the stock of material in the office, plans tasks and helps you in the execution of administrative tasks since you have knowledge, high digital and technical capacities. Also, if necessary, you will have a wide network of trusted providers that you can count on to achieve all your goals.

In short, we make life easier for you.

Start living smart and hire the services of a Personal Assistant to help you with tasks where you don’t want to waste time.

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Dedicated Personal Assistant, Pack 10 hours per month, Pack 20 hours per month


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