Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

275,00500,00 Tax Inc.

You are about to hire the execution of administrative services, email and agenda management, billing and accounting, customer and supplier management, project management, commercial calls, data entry, internet research, social network and blog management, graphic design, travel planning and much more.


Product Description

A Virtual Assistant is technically trained to carry out many tasks in digital format. It will help you in the execution of repetitive, promotional, punctual and specific tasks. It is a fundamental figure to increase your productivity.
A Virtual Assistant is basically administrative personnel external to your company, but who provides the services of an administrative department. Do your work remotely, without having to spend part of your time on the go. She is technically able to carry out many tasks in digital format.
With this service, you will save time. Your personal productivity will increase by 30%.

Additional Information


Pack 10 hours per month, Pack 20 hours per month, Social Network Management Pack


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